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Training Programs



An in-home evaluation is required prior to signing up for any of our training programs. The evaluation is crucial for the trainer to fully understand and communicate your training needs and expectations. It also allows the trainer to evaluate your dog's behaviors and personality.

Pro-rated Travel Fee

Stay & Train

This program is where your dog will stay with the trainer and her family in their home. Your dog will learn basic commands, kennel training, proper play, and desired manners (no jumping, mouthing, counter-top surfing, etc). The program includes follow-up lessons, so you learn how to maintain and continue training your dog. The program length is a minimum stay of 3 weeks.



Private Lessons

All private lessons are done in-home, so that the owners and dogs can have guidance within their day-to-day enviroment. Andrea will work with you one-on-one to improve your relationship with your dog and teach you how to properly communicate and show your dog what you are expecting from them. 

$100 an hour 

Photo Taken by: FREE SPIRIT LENS    (ANGEL-Andrea's Golden)

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