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Meet the Trainer & Owner

Andrea Lesczykowski

Andrea Lesczykowski

  Andrea's passion to train dogs began when she first watched Balto as a young child. Dogs were her obsession and she rented countless amounts of training books, dog breed books, and dog story books from the local library. On her 10th birthday her parents gifted her a mixed breed puppy, Jasmine.

  From 2003-2010 Andrea participated in the Oconto County 4-H Dog Project and attended multiple shows, clinics, and seminars where she learned positive-based dog training. Jasmine struggled with dog reactivity, which inspired Andrea to learn more about behavior modification.

  In 2014 Andrea enrolled in the Professional and the Master Dog Trainer course at the Tom Rose School LLC in High Ridge, MO. The Professional Dog Course was a 4 month program, where Andrea not only had to raise and train 2 personal puppies in order to complete 14 requirements - consisting of AKC Obedience, Schutzhund, Scent Detection, Tracking, Agility - but also had to train numerous Board and Train dogs for basic behaviors and behavior modification. She also conducted private lessons, go-home lessons, and group classes. The Master Dog Trainer course was an additional 2 month program, where Andrea learned to train her 2 puppies for the advanced levels of AKC Obedience, Schutzhund, Search and Rescue, and Scent Detection. She also received more hands-on experience with reactivity and aggression with the Board and Train dogs. 

  On June 2015 Andrea moved back to Wisconsin and opened her childhood dream business: K-9 Clarity Training. 

  During Andrea's maternity leave, from 2020-2022, she studied training videos of other renown dog trainers - such as Michael Ellis, Bart Bellon, Robert Cabral, and Larry Krohn,

 On April 2023, Andrea traveled to Colorado to attend a 3-Day Dog Training Seminar hosted by Larry Krohn, Joel Silverman, and Jay Jack. There Andrea not only gained a refresher in the dog training knowledge she received at the Tom Rose School, but learned valuable insights on behavior, engagement, and communicating with dog owners.

 Andrea is dedicated to further education and adapting her skills to meet the needs for each individual dog and person. She strives to provide the best care and training in the Wisconsin Northwoods.

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